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On the trail above Lake Sabrina

Sabrina Basin

The trail up into the magnificent Sabrina Basin begins at Lake Sabrina, at 9,128 ft elevation, and climbs high into the Sierra Nevada.

It opens up into a huge stepped basin that is the watershed for the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek that feeds Lake Sabrina. It is an alpine regions with gorgeous lakes and beautiful waterfalls with names like Blue lake, Midnight lake, Hungry Packer lake, Baboon lake, Donkey lake, Moonlight lake and Moonlight falls–to name a few. 

Best things to do here:

  • easy day hiking,
  • fishing,
  • photography,
  • waterfall viewing,
  • plein-air painting,
  • multi-day camping,
  • great for families, and
  • onward access to PCT & JMT.
Moonlight falls
Horton Lakes basin

Horton Basin

The approach to the Horton Lakes trailhead is a long and bumpy road across the beautiful Buttermilk Country. The trail is pretty steep and technical with incredible views and interesting sights along the way. 

Horton Basin is deep, rugged basin encompassing Horton Lake and Upper Horton Lake. It is great for more adventurous folks who are looking for less populated areas for a short duration stay. 

It’s also the access point to summit nearby Mt. Tom. 

Best things to do here:

  • short duration camping,
  • day hikes,
  • fishing,
  • photography,
  • romantic getaway, and
  • climb Mt. Tom!
Remnants of the Sonny Boy Mine along the Horton Lakes trail
Looking down on Lamarck Lake

Lamarck Lakes

The lovely Lamarck Lakes are in a small, spectacular basin. Campsites are few and hiking is limited to one trail and rugged cross-country. 

The trail continues into King’s Canyon National Park which is out of bounds for our pack service. 

It’s a popular day hike from North Lake. 

Best things to do here:

  • day hike,
  • 1-2 night camping,
  • fishing,
  • cross-country hiking, and
  • photography.
Lower Lamarck still icy in early Summer
Lock Leven looking to Piute Pass

Humphries Basin

Get way back into the John Muir Wilderness in the gorgeous Humphries Basin. 

Lakes galore, lots of lovely campsites, and plenty of day hiking opportunities. You’ll see something different each day. 

It’s a wonderful area for hiking and fishing in numerous lakes like: Desolation Lake, Golden Trout Lake, Upper & Lower Honeymoon Lakes, Muriel Lake, Packsaddle Lake, Tomahawk Lake and many more. 

Hutchinson Meadows lies at the convergence of French Canyon and Piute Canyon in a cool, green alpine setting. 

Best things to do here:

  • lots of day hiking,
  • plenty of fishing,
  • multi-day camping, 
  • photography,
  • plein-air painting, 
  • mountaineering, and
  • onward access to PCT & JMT.
Humphries Peak

We do not enter or serve Kings Canyon National Park.