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Hike in - Hike out

Take just your day pack and take your time. 

Drop off all your camping gear and food at our pack station then start your hike. We will pack up the gear onto our pack mules and meet you at an agreed destination. There we’ll offload your gear for you to set up camp for a few days for  We’ll head back down the trail to our pack station.

On an agreed date we will be back to get your gear where we left you. Take your time heading down and fish or photograph your way out. 


Pack up and hike out or deeper into the Sierra Nevada without our assistance. 

This is a super option for us to take the weight up and you can save your legs for much more hiking from your basecamp. And you can take plenty food and resources for a comfy camp. If you choose to hike it all out, your load will much lighter at the end!

Find solitude in the backcountry

Ride in - Hike out

Bring all your camping gear and food for us to load on pack mules, saddle up on a sure-footed riding mule and we’ll all have a leisurely trip up the trail to a sweet camp spot. 

Set yourselves up for a day or more of camping; fish, swim, photograph, and explore it all. 

Hike onward to the PCT or JMT or hike it all out on your own.


On an agreed date we’ll be back to pick up your gear where we dropped you off and, while you hike out with a light day pack. We’ll hoof it out and meet you back at the pack station. 

Here’s a way to get up there quickly, set up camp, and maximize your time there. Move on to other places or take leisurely hike down and prepare for reentry. 

Set up a basecamp on the shore of a lake

Hike in - Ride out

Drop all your camping gear and food at our pack station and you hit the trail on foot. 

We’ll pack up, head up on our trusty mules, and meet you at an agreed camping destination. You’ll build your basecamp and have fun exploring. 

We’ll be back for you as agreed, this time with an extra mule for you to ride back down the trail with us. 

Try this option to get to know the trail up, but save your knees on the way down. 

It's all easy downhill on a riding mule

Ride in - Ride out

Arrive at our pack station with all your camping gear and food and we’ll pack it all up on our pack mules and saddle you up on a riding mule and head on up the trail together. 

We’ll find a great campsite for you to set up a basecamp and leave you all there to enjoy the mountain air and freedom to roam. 

As agreed, we’ll be back for you to pack it all up and ride together down the trail back to our pack station. 

This is a great option for the elderly or disabled to get into the backcountry.


The backcountry is accessible on a mule

Basic Pricing

Packer Sheila

Packer (guide): $400 per packer per day

Pack Mule: $250 per animal per day

Riding Mule: $250 per animal per day

Basic Policies

Pack stock-to-person ratio is 1 : 1.5

That means one mule to 1.5 persons per party. Pack station employees are included in the total party size, only when staying with the group for the duration of trip.

Maximum weight limit per mule is 150-lbs

And no more than 2 backpacks per pack mule. 

No day packs allowed on riding mules

We will tie your rain gear and jacket on the saddle for you and we supply a saddle horn bag to put water and snacks in for your ride.

Our marvelous mules