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We have some of the Best Backcountry Fishing Lake Opportunities in the High Sierra.
From the novice to the most experienced angler of all ages, we have a spot for everyone.
You can easily fish 3 or more different lakes in one day!!

Our suggested Fishing Equipment List:

  • Fishing License (can be picked up in Bishop or one of the Resorts on Bishop Creek)
  • Rod-Reel and Line, please break down Rod-Reel-Line before you arrive for your trip.
  • Canvas Creel (please no plastic tackle boxes)
  • Fishing vest. Shade hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Waterproof shoes.
  • Pliers, clippers and knife.
  • Stringer rope.
  • Metal or PVC Rod case, no longer than 4’, we have cases available.
  • Because of the rocks on the shoreline of most lakes a net is important to have. (Especially for the Big Ones!)
  • Leader, 2lb test.
  • Flies: Mosquito, Royal Coachman, Colorado Renegade, Black Gnat, Yellow or Gray hackle peacock or your favorite. Hook size 12 –14.
  • Lures: Black Rooster Tail, Cast Master, Phoebe, Super Duper, #2 Meaps (silver), Panther Martin or your favorite.  Hooks size 8-12.
  • Bubbles, swivels, weights (split shot).
  • Worms, Crickets, Salmon Eggs.
  • Power Bait (if nothing else works)
The Sierra Nevada is one of the most spectacular places for backpacking in the world.

Plan a multi-day loop trip or get onto the Pacific Crest Trail / John Muir Trail and experience some of the highest passes and tallest peaks along this range.
Set up a basecamp on the shore of an alpine lake or a secluded clearing in an alpine meadow. 
Take day hikes, swim in the lake, fish, paint, or simply relax and let nature take care of you. 
Hike in with a day pack, one small camera, and your phone camera and photograph to heart’s content. 
Let us pack your camp gear and bigger camera gear to a basecamp where you can shoot sunrises, sunsets, and stars.
The High Sierra in summer is one of the incredible places for night photography in the world. 
Trail maintenance is one of our regular activities. It's important to us to keep the trails safe for everyone in our beautiful big backyard. 
Trail work along Piute Pass trail

Bishop Pack Outfitters serves a portion of the John Muir Wilderness.