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Mike Morgan is the 3rd generation pack station owner in the Morgan Family. The Morgan Family started in the commercial packing business in the 1930s. It started in Tunnel Meadows air camp out of Cottonwood trail head, then to Mt. Whitney Pack Trains. A family run business until the early 1970s. We did pack trips to the top of Mt. Whitney and the full length of the John Muir Trail. In the 1940s we packed the Sierra Club with over 150 people on one trip through the Sierra, with countless times having over 100 head of stock support.

Mt. Whitney Pack Trains sold in the early 1970s. Mike went to work for Art Schober at Schober Pack Trains, located at North Lake above Bishop. Mike worked through high school in the summer months and developed a strong attachment and devotion to the region. The Pack Station came up for sale in 1994 and Mike purchased it.

Mike always liked the many opportunities for his back country guests. For example, mountain climbing, photography, artists. Fishing is Mike’s forte, with over 50 lakes within a one day spot trip; Mike will vector you to the record golden trout. Deer hunting in the fall depends on the weather as the deer migrate when we get snow, however, we do close down on the first of October. Mike has always told folks that the advantage of using an Outfitter is that we know every camp site in the area that would handle any goals you have for your visit in the back country. For the individuals that want to just hang out, day hike, and enjoy the solitude and serenity of the wilderness, our trail heads are unsurpassed.  From taking a spot trip into Sabrina or Humphrey’s Basins or a trip through Evolution Valley, Mike is the guy to talk to, “he can do it blind folded”.

Mike still keeps his family involved in working with him in the business. Kyler Hanson, who is a 4th generation Morgan, has been involved with Bishop Pack Outfitters for the last 15 years, and is Mike’s right hand man. Mike has a number of 5th generation kids in training. He is keeping the family name alive in the packing business!! So if it is experience you’re looking for Bishop Pack Outfitters owns it.

Our Season

Summer packing season starts on July 1st and runs through October 1st.
Each year in June we move all our  mules and our entire household, which includes many other animals, from Hammil Valley north of Bishop to the pack station at North Lake and the town of Aspendell below the lake. In October we move it all back down to Hammil Valley. 
It’s a labor of love and we love what we do.
We hope you’ll love the journey that you take with us.

Location & Contacts

Pack Station

North Lake
North Lake Rd. off CA-168 W.
Bishop Creek Canyon

Vehicle access to the lake and our pack station is seasonal.
We are closed during winter. 

Mailing Addresses

Summer Address (June - Oct)

247 Cataract Rd.
Aspendell, CA 93514

Winter Address (Nov - May)

364 Crestview Dr.
Bishop, CA 93514


Tel: (760) 920-1583

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Mike wants to get to know you, learn what you want from your backcountry trip, and create an unforgettable experience for you, your family, and your friends.